Friday, June 01, 2007


Flood control breakthroughs in California

Limits on floodplain building proposed

Governor Schwarzenegger's proposal "to prohibit local governments from approving new subdivisions in undeveloped, deep floodplains -- until they have plans in place to more than double their current level of flood protection" was reported today in the Sacramento Bee.

Assemblywoman Lois Wolk has also been developing new legislation "in a flood protection package Wolk is carrying this session to close the disconnect between floodplain management and land use" as reported in the California Chronicle.

If any of this legislation is successfully passed into law, then hopefully future land development will be directed away from flood-prone lands. If we can give up the insane land use patterns of the past, then perhaps we will not need to build more dams in the future for flood control to protect lands that should not have been developed in the first place.

Editorial: Flood breakthrough - 01june2007.

California Chronicle: Wolk bills for smart flood protection and land-use planning move forward, 26april2007.

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