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California Hiking Trails Directory Pg. 1A

Pg. 1A - Personal Websites on Hiking in California - PR4 to PR6.
Pg. 1B - Personal Websites on Hiking in California - PR0 to PR3.
Pg. 2 - National, State & Regional Parks in California.
Pg. 3 - County Parks in California.
Pg. 4 - Hiking Trails Listed by Counties & Regions in California.
Pg. 5 - Hiking Clubs in California.
Pg. 6 - Photos from Hiking in California.

Personal & Community Sites - Hiking in California.

Many people and organizations have websites where they discuss hiking in California. Updated 12feb2012.
Sierra Club Trails PR6
SummitPost PR6

SF Bay Area Hiker PR5
SF Bay Area Backcountry PR5
LocalHikes PR5
MindfulHiker PR5
Justinsomnia PR5

Musings of a Mad Macedonian PR3
Modern Hiker PR4
YoloHiker PR4
Weekly Walker PR4
Weekend Hike PR4
dan’s outside PR4
cactuseaters PR4
Most Casual Observer PR4
WineHiker PR4
Trailspotting PR4
Kevin's Hiking PR4
Waterfallswest. PR4
Reflections - GurmeetSingh PR4
Wildflower Trails SF Bay Area. PR4
Marin Trails PR4
CA Peaks - MountainZone PR4
CyberHikes PR4
Bay Area Back Pages PR4
Calipidder PR4
CA Parks - Oh Ranger PR4
California EveryTrail PR4
Hiking in Big Sur PR4
Modern Hiker PR4
TrailBehind PR4
EveryTrail Guides CA PR4
John Wall's Natural CA PR4 PR4
Yosemite Blog PR4

Places to Post Trail Reports

Sierra Club Trails PR6
SummitPost PR6
SpotAdventures PR5
Trailpeak PR4
This Hiking Trail PR3
AllTrails PR3
WikiHike PR0
Wikispot Hiking PRN

Dog-Friendly Trails

Hike With Your Dog - Bay Area Hiker PR5
Bay Area Dog Hikes - LoveToKnow PR4
Take Your Dog Hiking - TomMangan PR3
Dog Fun in California PR3
Dog Walks - weeklywalker PR2
Northern CA Dog Fun Directory PR2
BringFido PR1

Wildflower Hiking

California Native Plant Society Forums PR5
Wildflower Hotline - theodorepayne PR4
Wildflower Conservancy blog PR4
Great Wildflower Spots - CNPS Forums PRN

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Site Map - BRT Insights - Kayaking & Hiking in California.

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Hey - I'm coming your way in April - looking up one of your hikes - thanks

check my blog
Looks like your Rambling Walking blog is getting off to a good start. You've got some nice videos. Half Dome is one of the greatest trails in California!
Great list!

A few of these blogs are what inspired me to create my own blog where I have posted my own hikes and photos.

The Funemployment Blog
Nice blog, nice photos! I added Funemployment to the directory.
Thank you for adding a like for my hiking blog to your page.

Hey, BR, another blogger from Davis! I'll look through the hikes you have outlined here. I've been blogging on hikes too, but just getting started.
Interesting information about California Hiking Trails Directory thanks for sharing
Thank you for including my modenst efforts in your links list. :-D
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