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River Philosophy & River Quotes (subtopic)

Loving Wild Rivers - Experiencing their Natural Power through Whitewater Kayaking & Rafting 01nov2010.
Life is a metaphor for whitewater paddleboating 20july2009.
After the Last River has been Poisoned.... 27dec2008.
You know a dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows.
Messing About in Boats !!
Try not !! Do or not do !! Kayakers are the Jedi Masters of the whitewater rivers.
Living in the Moment on the River.
Experiencing the Multiple Dimensions of Whitewater Kayaking.
River canyons are truly sacred places.
Creeks and Rivers to Explore.
Whitewater Kayaking in The Zone - 2.
Captivated by the Dynamic Power of Whitewater Rivers.
Whitewater Kayaking in The Zone - 1.
Purpose Statement - Blogging about whitewater kayaking in California.
The Face of the River.

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Say more about your 'River Philosophy'....
I am always curious to know more and muse more about another person inner thoughts about what the river, the kayaking, and the adventure means to them at such a level.......
"Summit Stones & Adventure Musings By DSD"
Great Blog! Fine photos.
Hey DSD. Found one of your stones by a river. Nice.
Great stuff here,

Granted, I generally torpedo and haven't done much kayaking, but the skills, tips and philosophy you discuss are great regardless. Thanks for your effort establishing this blog.

Rogue Valley, Oregon
Hi Ari, thanks for the feedback. I'm having fun blogging about my whitewater adventures, and its extra nice to know that others are also reading and enjoying the blog.

Your "torpedo" (a.k.a. orange torpedo = inflatable kayak IK) is a very close cousin of the plastic kayaks that I paddle. My first whitewater boat was a Sevelor IK.

What rivers have you been paddling? I haven't been up to Oregon for a while, but I have fond memories of trips on the Rogue River, Illinois River and Umpqua River.
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