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Fitness for Whitewater River Paddlesports (subtopic)

Paddle-boating requires strength, speed, endurance and flexibility.

All paddle-boaters (kayakers, rafters and canoers) and endurance sport athletes require a combination of strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. Nutrition and hydration are critical to get the maximum performance that your fitness will enable. Healing of injuries and regaining fitness after an injury is critical. Maintaining fitness as we get older is also important.

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Low-Fat Chocolate Milk as a Post-Workout Recovery Drink 17april2012.
Hot Therapy vs. Cold Therapy for Treating Minor Injuries from Kayaking, Hiking and Other Sports Activities 23may2011.
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Homemade Energy Drink Recipe Made Using Healthy Natural Tea 06sept2010.
Energy drinks boost your metabolism for better athletic performance in your favorite outdoor sports activities 05sept2010.
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Organic sports drinks made from healthy natural fruit juices 13nov2009.
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Hydration Fruit-Ade Natural Sports Drink - Oct. 2009 Update.
After Sports Drinks Provide Carbohydrate & Protein for Recovery After Intense, Prolonged Workouts 24sept2009.
Hydration Fruit-Ade - natural fruit sports drink for paddleboaters and other athletes 22sept2009.
Hydration Cool-Ade - inexpensive sports drink for paddleboaters and other athletes 18sept2009.
Sports Drinks for Hydration of Kayakers, IKers, Rafters, Canoers, Innertubers & Paddleboaters 14sept2009.
Paddle boaters need good hydration for optimum paddling performance 09sept2009.
Dynamic and static stretching methods for whitewater paddle-boaters.
Stretching after you are in your Kayak.
Stretching for Torso Rotation and Kayak Paddling Performance.
Stretching for Kayaking, Rafting and Canoeing Paddlesports.

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