Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Whitewater Kayaking Techniques & Skills (subtopic)

I encourage all new paddleboaters to take whitewater boater training classes with a qualified instructor and to continue their learning by joining a whitewater boating club to participate in river trips with experienced whitewater paddleboaters.

Whitewater Rescue Manual - New Techniques for Canoeists, Kayakers and Rafters - 1995 book review.
Use the Buddy System for Safety Teamwork on Whitewater River Paddleboating Trips.
Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Kayaking, 2004 - book review.
Essentials of River Kayaking, 2004 - book review.
River Tubing Skills, Techniques and Safety for your Float Tube River Trips.
Play Daze, kayak playboating instructional video, VHS 1999 - review.
SOAR - Skills On All Rivers: Intermediate and Advanced Kayaking Technique, VHS 2000.
Essential Boat Control, whitewater kayaking instructional video, VHS 1996.
How to get started in whitewater river kayaking.
Kayakers need to operate upper body and lower body independently.
Forward Sweep Stroke - Kayak Paddling Technique.
Video Feedback for Whitewater Kayak Skills Training.
Kayak Surfing Techniques 01 - Movie.
All Braces Should be LOW Braces.
Common Kayak Paddling Mistakes.
Forward Paddle Stroke for Propelling Your Kayak - Animation.
Sweep Stroke for Turning Your Kayak - Animation.
Principles of kayak paddling strokes.
How to hold your kayak paddle.
Boating Clubs for whitewater river kayakers.
Basic training classes for whitewater river kayakers.
Basic Paddling & River Safety Skills for Class II Whitewater Kayaking.
Perfecting your forward paddle stroke.

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