Thursday, November 17, 2005


Evolution of Web 2.0

Just when I thought I had it figured out the Internet is evolving into a very different, much more interactive place. Signing up for my own blog was easy. Posting commments on somebody else's blog is even easier.

Here are some of my pictures from Sacramento zoo on my Flickr account. Please log in and add your comments to the pictures, or subscribe to the RSS newsfeed so you can easily learn whenever I post more pictures into Flickr.

The Davis Wiki provides an interactive site where anybody can add to our collective knowledge on the City of Davis, California. Here is my page on the Davis Wiki. I'm making a page on Yolo County Recreation to list our nearby recreational opportunities.


My son, Oliver, has expressed interest in taking our 12 foot raft down this run next weekend if the flows in the North Fork Cache Creek hold up, and it seems to be. We saw 12 rafts on the river Sunday. There was plenty of water in the north fork (3.3 ft and 100 cfs) and 3300 cfs in Cache Creek. We were on the river only 4.5 hours with several breaks. We didn't have to paddle much and had energy left at the end of the day. We had an interesting day. It was warm and sunny. Bruce Thomas, Masa-aki Ohto, Yuriko Ohto, and I put-on at about 1030 and took out at highway 16 at 1515. We saw 18 bald eagles, 2 coyotes, 4 deer, lots of red tailed hawks, spotted sandpipers, kingfishers, and dozens of ducks, both mallards and mergansers. The manzanita was in full bloom. The car we left at highway 16, Masa-aki's, had a nearly flat tire when we got there. The lug wrench had a crack in it so we couldn't change the tire. I tried to hitch a ride back to the put-in, but couldn't get a ride, so we limped back to the put-in on the nearly flat tire. There I pumped it up with a pump I keep in my car and gave Masa-aki a can-of-air to use in case the tire went flat again before he got home. We noticed restrooms on river right about 2/3 the way down the run, and saw new restrooms on highway 16 and 20 as well. There is some information on these trail heads as well as links to maps and streamflow information at:
The trailhead on Highway 16 1 mile south of highway 20 is Cowboy Camp. The Judge Davis Trailhead is on highway 20 at milemarker 46.07.
Although there is no mention of the Restrooms (campground?) on river right, the maps lead me to believe they are on Buck Island, and can be accessed via Fiske Creek and Langs Peak Roads from the low water bridge in the summer or in the winter by going north from Berryessa Reservoir on Berryessa-Knoxville road, Morgan Valley Road, and county road 40. I just may take a day to explore this route to see if the road is passable.
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