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Recent River Flows Directory

Which California rivers have the best whitewater flows for your next kayaking, rafting or canoeing trip?

Please let me know of any other websites with river flow data and I will add them to this list. Updated 19jan2009.

Dreamflows. River flows for many rivers and creeks in California/Nevada, the Northwest, and the Four Corners area. Chart of mid-day flows for the last three days and color coded as low, okay or high flow conditions.

River Flows and Weather - planetmango. Plots of recent CDEC data for SF American River at Chili Bar, MF American River near Oxbow Powerhouse, NF American River at North Fork Dam, SF Yuba River at Jones Bar, NF Yuba River at Goodyears Bar, Butte Creek Near Chico.

River Flow Information -
  (Middle Fork, North Fork, South Fork American River)

NW Kayaking - Whitewater Rivers in North-Western USA. Kayak trip planning information: river flow, rainfall, and weather information for California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.

California Kayaking Information - Eddyflower. Flow data for 257 river runs in California and additional runs in 41 other states in the USA.

California River Flows - Whitewater Voyages. Plots of recent hourly flow data for Merced & NF Yuba. Table of Kern River Basin hourly flow data.

Owens River - Los Angeles Aqueduct Realtime Data.

California Nevada River Forecast Center - National Weather Service. Flow data from 160 stations on rivers and creeks. Flows color coded as normal, monitor, above and danger stages. Flow forecasts.

River Gauges - American Whitewater. River flow data for all 50 states. Data from USGS.

USGS Real-Time Data for California: Streamflow. Stream flow data for 424 sites in California.

Water Level Selection - River flows for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Table with one recent data point each for a long list of rivers and creeks.

Recreational River Flows - rivervilla. River flow data from USGS on rivers in Southern Oregon, North Coast CA, Sacramento Drainage, and Sierra. CDEC sites return "Internal Server Error."

California River Flows and Weather - raftsiberia. Current river flow data for Northern Sierra, Central Sierra, Southern Sierra, Klamath Mountains, North Coast Range, South Coast Range, Great Basin and Other Rivers. Compiles data from Dreamflows, USGS and CDEC. Table with one recent data point each for many rivers. Links to river guides and plots of real-time flow data.

Real-Time River Stages - Sorted North to South by River Basin - CDEC. Hundreds of gauge stations on dozens of rivers throughout California.

CA DWR CDEC Interface - Links to CDEC flow data for many whitewater rivers: American, Cache Cr., Cosumnes, Eel, Feather, Kaweah, Kern, Kings, Klamath, McCloud, Merced, Mokelumne, Pit, Redwood Cr., Russian, Sacramento, Smith, Stanislaus, Trinity, Truckee, Tuolumne, Yuba.

California Real-Time River Flows - aorafting. Plots of real-time data for Tuolumne, Upper Klamath, NF Stanislaus, & Cherry Creek.

California Stream Flows - allaboutrivers. Chart with one recent flow number for gauges on the Cal Salmon, Eel, Kern, Klamath, Merced, MF American, NF American, Scott, Smith, SF American, Trinity, Tuolumne, Yuba, and 20 other rivers.

Thanks to ElRemaro for his list of river flow websites covering California and beyond.

More information:
Whitewater River Kayaking Directory - BRT Insights.

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