Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Purpose Statement - Blogging about whitewater kayaking in California

1. Whitewater river boating. Express my passion for kayaking and my esteem for whitewater paddlers and oarsmen who choose other types of rivercraft.

2. Networking with friends. Keeping in touch with old friends and finding new friends who love whitewater adventures.

3. Stimulate conversation within the whitewater community. PLEASE click on the comments link at the bottom of each blog entry and add your comments in response to things that are posted on the blog.

4. Resource for class 2, 3 & 4 boating. Create an online resource for beginning and intermediate level paddlers.

5. Basic boating skills. Organizing and expressing my thoughts about the full range of individual and group skills needed to be safe and have fun on the river.

6. Focus on California whitewater. Covering my home base in California and wherever else I am lucky enough to go paddling.

7. Blogging about blogging. Chronicling my experiences in learning how to make the best blog possible.

8. Guest authors welcome. Friends who don't (yet!!) have their own blogs are strongly encouraged to send new information for posting on this blog via email or via the contact form.


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