Friday, January 05, 2007


Topographic Maps Online

River trip planning and documentation resources

Topographic maps have long been invaluable for wilderness exploration. Now that these online maps provide longitude and latitude coordinates they become even more valuable for the GPS-enabled traveller. I think that GPS mapping will become the standard way to mark positions of whitewater rapids, put-ins, take-outs, shuttle roads, hiking trails and other outstanding features of our river canyons.

ACME Mapper 2.0.
Provides road map, satellite map, hybrid, topo, DOQ, & NEXRAD. Hover over a point to get its coordinates. Enter coordinates and go to that point !!!! (***** 5 stars - highly recommended!)

Maptech MapServer.
This interface enables both jumping to the coordinates that you enter and learning the coordinates of any point on the map. (***** 5 stars - highly recommended!)

Click on the map to get the coordinates for that point, but this interface does not provide the ability to enter coordinates and jump to that point on the map. Provides many display options for coordinate formats (UTM, DD.DDD, D/M/S, DD MM.MM) and map datum (NAD27, NAD83/WGS84). (**** 4 stars)

Find locations on the maps by name or by coordinates, but this interface does not provide the ability to click on the map and learn the coordinates of that point. (*** 3 stars)

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