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Wiki Websites for Kayakers, Canoers & Rafters (website reviews)

Whitewater wikis are written and edited by their communities of users.

They are part of the new web 2.0 movement towards more community participation on the Internet. Whitewater boaters can register for free and then easily learn how to publish on a wiki. Wikis can provide opportunities for the occasional whitewater writer and for writers who want to contribute to the team effort of building a big, valuable and informative wiki boating site. You can edit what somebody else has written on the wiki, but others can also re-edit what you have done.

More whitewater boaters are needed to add their knowledge to these wikis.

Sign up and contribute!! Wikis could grow to become very valuable resources if enough kayakers, rafters and canoers would contribute information and help keep the whitewater wikis more up-to-date than any published boating guidebook could ever be. (Updated 11dec2007.)

Wikipaddle. Wikipaddle has 316 paddling guides for kayaking, rafting and canoeing paddlesports around the globe, just a tiny sample of the available places to paddle. It contains sections on places, equipment, technical and books. It has very nice interactive Google maps, and longitude and latitude information for many landmarks. (** - my rating 2 stars out of 5).

Whitewater Rivers of Chile and Argentina - Expediciones Chile. Excellent paddlesports guide to some of the whitewater rivers with Google maps, links and detailed descriptions of the river runs, but still incomplete. (** - my rating 2 stars out of 5).

Water Trail Wikis. San Francisco Bay Area Launch Sites, California Put-ins, Columbia River Water Trail. Class I river and coastal boating location guides. Nice descriptions including Google maps. Good flatwater touring site, but little or no whitewater. (* - my rating 1 star out of 5).

List of whitewater rivers - Wikipedia. A big resource of historical and economic development information, but still very incomplete. Very little information about recreation, geology, wildlife, geography, or conservation. Very few and very poor static maps. (* - my rating 1 star out of 5).

KayakWiki. (My rating 0 stars).
Kayak - Wikimedia Commons. (My rating 0 stars).
Playak Wiki. (My rating 0 stars).
WikiOutdoors. (My rating 0 stars).
World Kayak River Wiki. (My rating 0 stars).

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Hi there,

Thanks for taking a look at WikiOutdoors. I totally agree that we are weak on the number of kayaking articles. I'd love to see us get more, and we'd really like to get more feedback on how to improve WikiOutdoors.

(As a bit of a side note, I had a new baby in September, so I've been the reason why WikiOutdoors has been a little slow to move.)
Hi Kira, congratulations on your baby and thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm curious to know how you found my blog post about WikiOutdoors so quickly.

You may want to look at my tips for bloggers. I think that many of the publicity tips may also be helpful to attract more readers and writers for your wiki.

Until you get more articles you may want to combine the kayaking and canoeing sections on WikiOutdoors into one section kayak/canoe/raft/rowing to invite in all of the human-powered boaters. Later when it is time to split the category I would suggest dividing into whitewater boating, flatwater touring, racing/slalom boating and sea kayaking. Also it would be nice to put boating destinations and boating outfitter companies on separate pages on WikiOutdoors.

I'm planning to register pretty soon on WikOutdoors, update your Rumsey Run and maybe write about other places where I have been boating recently.

Also when commenting on a blog you should make an active hyperlink to .
Hi brthomas,

Thanks so much for the great feedback. I would love it if you had the time to add some kayaking/canoeing content on WikiOutdoors. We could definitely use the help. I agree with you on combining the two categories, at least for the short term. We have a General Forums area where folks can post feedback. That's a great spot for the requests about the boating destinations, etc.

Also, I found your blog b/c I'd done a quick search on "WikiOutdoors" in Google. I also get weekly Google Alerts about "WikiOutdoors" but sometimes I like to jump the gun!

Thanks again, Kira
Hey brthomas,

Thanks taking a look and reviewing wikipaddle.

You might also be interested to know I am currently writing an extension for the site that will allow you to download the maps in a number of different usable formats. When complete you will be able to download the maps you see in GPX, KML and possibly GML.

Im pleased you think the site has potential :D.

I'm very excited about mapping and GPS right now. I still don't know anything about GPX, KML or GML, so I'll be interested to see what you set up on .
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