Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Auburn Dam Opponents Ranked in Google

In the online world it is the bloggers who are leading the fight against Auburn Dam. Today when I searched at Google for Auburn Dam 10 out of the 12 dam opponents in the top 30 search results were blogs. None of the environmental NGOs that lead the fight in other areas got top 30 rankings in the Google search results.

Funding for a dam at Auburn is not likely at present, but the next few years will be critical. Sacramento remains the American city most at risk for flooding. If Sacramento has a major flood before the upgrades at Folsom Dam are completed, then there would suddenly be more support for building a new dam at Auburn to provide additional flood control.
rank         website
7 aorafting blog (award winner)
8 auburndamwatch blog
10 solongjohn blog
12 brt-insights blog
14 radioleft blog
15 radioleft blog
16 aorafting blog
18 solongjohn blog
19 raftwet blog
22 theamericanriver blog
26 auburn dam topo map

More about: Auburn Dam, River Conservation and Flood Control.

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Actually, when I type in "auburn dam" into google, a Friends of the River page comes up ranked fourth. They have done a great deal to fight Auburn Dam, no?
When I search for "auburn dam" there is a pdf file from FOR that comes in at position 18. Most computer users don't know about putting quotes around their search terms and when it is done that way the pdf file from FOR falls out of the top 30. The few other FOR pages that rarely come up in my search results all produce page not found errors. The environmental NGOs that are leading the fight in other areas are not doing a good job of competing for top spots in the online search engine results. Notice that some of the top bloggers have two pages in the top 30 at Google.
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