Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Kayakers, Rafters and Canoers Need the Best Sunscreen Protection

Have fun in the sun, but don't suffer later

Kayaking keeps me out in the sun for an entire day, so any exposed skin gets a big dose of UV exposure. Sunscreen helps protect us against sunburn, premature skin wrinkling and skin cancer. Absence of a sunburn at the end of the day is good, but doesn't ensure that we were fully protected against the delayed effects of skin wrinkling or skin cancer.

A recent article describes some new technologies in sunscreen products and some advice about how to use sunscreen most effectively. Ideally we should apply a thick layer of sunscreen well before going out into the sun to allow time for the active ingredients to be absorbed into our skin. Then we should reapply frequently if we remain out in the sun for an extended period. (sacbee 17july)

It may be surprising, but not all sunscreens are safe and effective. The Environmental Working Group has produced a Cosmetic Safety Database that has some surprising information to help us make smarter sunscreen purchases.

Recent experiments also urge caution in use of the new products which contain both sunscreen and insect repellent. Mixing these ingredients together may help them to penetrate past our skin and into our bloodstream. (sacbee 22july)

Sun-screen savers - sacbee 17july2007.

Sunscreen Summary — What Works and What's Safe - Cosmetic Safety Database.

Caution urged in mixing insect, sun protection - sacbee 22july2007.

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I don't see the name of the sun screen we used last weekend that you told me was the best. Is there a reason for not providing a brand name?
I mentioned it briefly in a C to G Run trip report and will post more on the subject soon.
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