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Discourage land development in floodplains to reduce the need for more flood control dams

California residents should email to their California State Senator to support Assembly Bill 70.

Flood protection that doesn't protect enough - sacbee 07sept2007. California is making a small step towards discouraging foolish development of flood-prone lands via the anticipated passage of Senate Bill 5, but this bill would not start to alter any floodplain development plans until year 2015.

Lawmakers could greatly strengthen our protection against unwise floodplain developments "by passing Assembly Bill 70. This bill by Dave Jones, D-Sacramento, would require local governments to share liability with the state for new building in the floodplain. Such shared risk could well dampen the enthusiasm of local officials to put more homes in harm's way, even against the relentless pressure of builders and land speculators." (sacbee)

Wiser land development will also protect our rivers.

Please support California Assembly Bill 70. Don't let greedy real estate developers continue building New Orleans-style developments on flood prone lands in California !! It is immoral and unethical and should be illegal to build on land that is certain to become flooded sooner or later. Find out which California State Senate district you live in and send an email to your Senator expressing your support for California Assembly Bill 70.

Remember that every fool who buys a home or locates a business in an unwise floodplain development becomes a voter who will demand building of more flood control dams to protect their flood-prone property. Don't let your favorite river be ruined by a flood control dam to protect a foolish land development that never should have been built deep in the floodplain !!

More about: Dave Jones, California Assemblymember (D) Sacramento - TotalCapitol.
Flood Control, Floodplain Developments and California River Conservation.

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