Saturday, September 15, 2007


Flood Policy Legislation Passes in the California Legislature

California residents should contact Gov. Schwarzenegger immediately to urge signing of the flood policy bills.

An incredible package of flood policy and land development bills have passed the California legislature (AB 5, AB 70, AB 156, AB 162, AB 1452, SB 5 & SB 17) and are awaiting the signature of Gov. Schwarzenegger. This includes California Assembly Bill 70 which I discussed in a recent post. All of these bills are described in more detail in a recent article by Gary A. Patton - Deluge of Strong Flood Policy Bills Heads to Governor.

If signed, this legislation should help to protect the environment and conserve our taxpayer dollars by directing future land developments in California onto high ground where expensive flood control structures are not needed. This legislation stops short of a complete ban on foolish development of flood-prone lands. It will force any local government that approves such a development to accept some responsibility for flood control and a share of the liability risks in the event of flooding.

Flood Policy Bills Need Signatures by the Governor.

Call Gov. Schwarzenegger's office (916-445-2841) to support ALL of the flood policy bills.

Or send an email to Gov. Schwarzenegger.
Subject = Water issues/concerns.
Your position = Pro. (Support signing of the bills!!)

No more foolish development of flood-prone lands in California!!

No more New Orleans-style developments in California!!

Future developments in California should be made on higher land that will not require expensive taxpayer-funded flood control structures or disaster relief after the inevitable flooding occurs.

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