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Conservation, Preservation & Restoration of our Precious Rivers.

River conservation and land development policies are very closely related. Preserving our natural environment while building the homes and businesses that people need is a difficult challenge. We must protect our existing land developments against flooding with dams and levees. The most cost-effective way to protect against flooding in the future begins with directing all new land developments away from flood-prone lands.

California Water Policy.

Water - California Progress Report.
Aquafornia - Water Legislation.
LG Carter - Water is scarce.
California Greening blog.
Northern California River Watch blog.
On Water -
Water H2O podcast.
California Water Crisis
US Water News

River Conservation News.

Google Blog.
Friends of the River.
Sacramento River Watershed Program.
Western Water Magazine.
Trout Underground Fly Fishing.

River & Water News.

Sacramento Bee.
SF Chronicle.

Oppose Auburn Dam proposal.

Auburn Dam Directory.
Auburn Dam Watch.
BRT Kayaking.
Radio Left.
W.E.T. River Trips.

Flood Control in California.

Flood - California Progress Report.
Google News.
Sacramento Bee.
MSN News.
SF Chronicle.
CA Dept Water Resources.

Flood Control California News.

Google News.
Sacramento Bee.
msn news.
SanFrancisco Chronicle.

Yahoo! News.
Google News.

Flood Control for Sacramento CA.

Folsom Dam Directory.

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