Monday, September 03, 2007


Try not !! Do or not do !!

Kayakers are the Jedi Masters of the whitewater rivers.

"Do or do not!! There is no try." (Yoda, Jedi Master) No matter how many times I see the Star Wars movies these jewels of wisdom always hit me like a bolt of lightning. Whitewater kayaking provides incredible mental and physical challenges. As captains of our own little boats we get an up close and very personal experience of the relentless power and amazing beauty of the river environment.

Immediate rewards or immediate consequences.

For me kayaking is a total participant sport. When I decide to DO a maneuver on the river sometimes I get rewarded with success and sometimes I find myself struggling to survive my mistakes. Wow, the successes can be so sweet! After my failures I DO my best to learn along the way and prepare to DO better in future maneuvers.

"DO or not DO !!" Will you accept the challenge ??

MasaO showing how to DO it at Hell Hole Rapid, Trinity River.

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Hi, Bruce. This look great. Have you run the Rogue
Yes, I have kayaked the permit section twice and then another section far upstream once.
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