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Flood Safety Progress for Sacramento California

State and Federal actions signal a new era in California flood control

Waters may rise, but so will region's readiness - sacbee 29sept2007. "The corps (Army Corps of Engineers) and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation are working well together on a new spillway for Folsom Dam that will greatly reduce flood risks on the American River." I am ecstatic to hear that these dam and levee upgrades have begun, but for many years while the Folsom Dam project is under construction Sacramento will remain at incredible risk for flooding.

California governor signs six bills to provide flood safety - sacbee 11oct2007. "Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation Wednesday to phase in growth restrictions in flood-prone areas throughout the Central Valley. The Republican governor approved six bills designed to force cities and counties to consider flood risks in the planning process ..." In this post-Katrina world our old habits of building at the bottom of the floodplain are clearly unsustainable.

Historic Package of California Flood Bills Becomes Law - California Progress Report 11oct2007. "The Governor’s signature on these bills sets California on a new course toward protecting its citizens from flood disasters, especially those in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region."

A Flood of Cheers for Better Flood Protection in California - California Progress Report 11oct2007. "The flood package will help to protect lives and property, improve local land use planning, and safeguard the state and its taxpayers from increased exposure to liability for damages caused by flood."

Flood of progress in California - sacbee 12oct2007. "Despite lobbying by Sacramento officials, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has informed the city it will not approve a designation allowing unrestricted building in Natomas while its levees are being upgraded."

Feds to limit growth in Natomas area of Sacramento - sacbee 12oct2007. "FEMA says North Natomas development will be curbed because of the flood risk." This may be the best news of all. Flood-prone lands like Natomas should remain in farming forever. Home and business developments in California should be built on higher ground where expensive levees and flood control dams are not needed.

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