Sunday, October 21, 2007


Water deluge predicted for northern California this winter 2007-08 - La Niña

California's water storage may be replenished after last year's below average precipitation.

"Forecasters say La Niña will bring a greater chance of heavy rain in Northern California through February." (La Niña's back - so brace for a possible deluge - sacbee 18oct2007.) Hopefully this will refill our water storage reservoirs and make a great season for whitewater river kayaking.

Flooding catastrophes have occurred in California during previous La Niña years.

Unfortunately, some of California's most catastrophic river floods have occurred in La Niña years. Warm winter storms called Pineapple Express deliver great amounts of precipitation and in addition may cause sudden melting of the mountain snowpack. This can lead to massive killer floods. Sacramento will remain extremely vulnerable to flooding for the next ten years while the Folsom Dam upgrades are under construction. Lets hope that our levees hold up through another winter and protect the Sacramento floodplain!!

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