Friday, November 16, 2007


Restore the San Joaquin River Update

River conservation progress, but more water policy issues need to be settled

"Legislation to restore the San Joaquin River cleared the House Natural Resources Committee by a 25-15 vote..." "The measure would send water down about 27 miles of the river, which often dries up downstream of Friant Dam because the water is diverted." "water users in the congressional district of Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of Visalia would take a big hit... "all of the cities and counties in my district are opposed" because of restricted water allocations. "Some districts will lose 90 percent of their water," (Nunez) said." (House panel OKs river restoration - sacbee 16nov2007.)

I am very eager to see river flows and salmon runs restored in the San Joaquin River, but we can't just take the water away from people who presently depend upon it. In order to achieve the desired river restoration we may need to build more water storage on the San Joaquin River. If more water supply was available, then both downstream river flows and urban water users may be able to get the water they need. It is truly a dilemma. Do we need to reconsider Gov. Schwarzenneger's proposal to build a dam on the San Joaquin River at Temperance Flat? Or is there some other water supply policy that can serve all of the needs without requiring that one section of river is destroyed by a new dam to enable another section of river to be restored? ("Beware the new dam initiative...")

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