Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Construction begins at Folsom Dam for improved flood control in Sacramento California

American River floodplain puts City of Sacramento and the economy of California at great risk

When completed in 2015 "the spillway will achieve 1-in-200-year protection, or the ability to survive a flood with a half-percent chance of striking in any given year." (Flood control project starts - sacbee 26dec2007)

Until the Folsom Dam and downstream levee upgrades are completed Sacramento will remain the U.S. city with the lowest level of protection against flooding. Lets hope that our luck remains good until this construction is completed.

For more information:
* American River Watershed Project - US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District.
* Folsom Dam Modification Project - US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District.
* Levee Repair - CA Dept Water Resources.
* Folsom Dam Directory.
* Flood Protection Sacramento CA and River Conservation California.
* Sacramento CA Flood Control, Protection, Prevention & Safety Directory.

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