Thursday, February 28, 2008


Oppose the Peripheral Canal - Delta Conveyance plan for the California Delta

California's water supply crisis is a fraud - we need a smarter water management policy.

Submitted to: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - Interact.
Subject: Water issues/concerns.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

I oppose the Peripheral Canal (Delta Conveyance) plan. Our bankrupt state budget should not be further bankrupted by construction of foolish water projects. A water management policy that kills a part of northern California to serve special interests in southern California would be wrong. Any plan to make the necessary changes in our California Delta must be part of a comprehensive strategy that protects agriculture and fisheries in the California Delta together with providing water supplies to southern California.

In fact, most of the water exported south from the California Delta is used for irrigation of the selenium heavy metal poisoned soils of the western San Joaquin Valley. The Fresno Bee, Jim Crenshaw (president of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance), Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and BRT Insights are all on the record advocating the end of selenium-poisoned irrigation in the western San Joaquin Valley. It is doubly dumb to destroy the California Delta and export our precious water resources to perpetuate this horrid, highly-polluting agriculture. California's water supply crisis is a fraud - what we have is a crisis of water management intelligence. These highly polluting farms must be bought out and retired from production, and then suddenly there will be plenty of water for everybody else in southern California.

It's time to mop up west side's water debacle - FresnoBee 17march2003.

• Jim Crenshaw, president of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance.
Farmers sue in fight over water - sacbee 31jan2008.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility 20aug2007.

BRT Insights - Conservation alone CAN be a big help to fix the water crisis in California 31oct2007.

Contaminated valley drain water a problem yet unsolved - SF Chronicle 19july2005.

For more information:
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Selenium Directory - toxic waste in irrigation drainage from the western San Joaquin Valley of California (25 sites).


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