Thursday, April 10, 2008


California residents contact your legislators about water supply policy issues

Water determines our cost of living and quality of living in so many ways.

Special interest lobbyists talk to our legislators every day. Government will not serve the interests of the people unless the people demand it. Contact your legislators to advocate for river conservation and water quality issues.

Local County Government in California.

California Counties' Websites -
About County Government in California -

California State Government.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -
Find Your California State Legislators -
Know Your California Legislators -

USA Federal Government.

Dianne Feinstein - US Senator from California.
Barbara Boxer - US Senator from California.
US House of Representatives. Determine Your Representative via Zip+4 Code.
ZIP+4 Code Lookup - USPS.

For more information:
California Water Supply Policy & CA River Conservation.
California Rivers Directory - Water Policy, Conservation & Recreation.

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