Saturday, August 30, 2008


Dam Removal and Salmon Restoration on Battle Creek, California.

I"m glad to hear that this dam removal project on Battle Creek is proceeding. Our critically endangered Central Valley salmon and steelhead need all the help they can get. (Shasta & Tehama County, California USA)

Funding for Battle Creek to Restore Salmon Habitat - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 15july2008.

According to the map it looks like dam removal will not interfere with the commonly run sections of whitewater on Battle Creek. Once the dams are out it may be interesting to re-explore the upstream sections to see if there are any good sections of whitewater up there.

Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Map (pdf).

Additional information:
Dam Removal on Battle Creek could help reverse our salmon crisis - BRT Insights 31march2008.
California River Conservation & Water Supply Policy.
Battle Creek Directory - Recreation & Conservation. Websites for the Battle Creek watershed. Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1=kayaking-canoeing, 2=rafting-tubing, 3=environment-conservation, 4=fishing, 5=hiking-camping, 6=other-resources).

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