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Cottonwood Creek - California Whitewater River Kayaking Overview.

Kayaking, Rafting, River-tubing, Canoeing & Paddlesports Guide - Shasta County & Tehama County, California, USA.

Whitewater boating in the Cottonwood Creek canyon - put-in locations.

Cottonwood Creek Middle Fork.
AA. Cottonwood Creek MF 1) Knob Gulch confluence Run. (class IV, 11.1 Miles)
      N 40.40670 W 122.88689 - Knob Gulch Confluence put-in (A)
      Where to take-out ?? (see comment below)

B. Cottonwood Creek MF 2) MF to North Fork Confluence Run. (class III, 23.5 Miles)
      Where to put-in ?? (see comment below)
      N 40.39477 W 122.52578 - MF confluence with NF Cottonwood Creek - where to take-out?? (B)

C. Cottonwood Creek MF 3) North Fork to Main St (class ??, miles ??)
      N 40.39477 W 122.52578 - confluence with NF Cottonwood Ckk - put-in?? (B)
      N 40.37687 W 122.28363 - Main Street Bridge take-out
      N 40.37781 W 122.20024 - confluence with Sacramento River

Cottonwood Creek North Fork.
D. Cottonwood Creek NF 1) Sunny Hill Rd to Platina Road bridge near Ono. (class IV-V, 4 Miles)
      N 40.47568 W 122.70575 - Sunny Hill Rd bridge put-in (C)
      N 40.47016 W 122.62244 - Platina Rd bridge near Ono take-out (D)

E. Cottonwood Creek NF 2) Ono to Gas Point Road. (class II-IV, 8 Miles)
      N 40.47016 W 122.62244 - Platina Rd bridge near Ono put-in (D)
      N 40.41493 W 122.53223 - Lower Gas Point Rd bridge take-out
      N 40.39707 W 122.52820 - Foster Rd bridge take-out

Cottonwood Creek South Fork.
F. Cottonwood Creek SF Pettyjohn Road to Highway 36. (class II, 9.5 Miles)
      N 40.18589 W 122.55107 - Pettyjohn Rd bridge put-in (E)
      N 40.25791 W 122.47456 - Hwy36 at SF Cottonwood Creek take-out (F)

G. Cottonwood Creek SF Highway 36 to Route A5 Bowman Rd. (class I, 6.7 Miles)
      N 40.25791 W 122.47456 - Hwy36 at SF Cottonwood Creek put-in (F)
      N 40.31622 W 122.44941 - Bowman Rd bridge takeout (G)

H. Cottonwood Creek SF Route A5 Bowman Rd to Main St bridge. (class I ?, miles ??)
      N 40.31622 W 122.44941 - Bowman Rd bridge put-in (G)
      N 40.37687 W 122.28363 - Main Street Bridge take-out

Cottonwood Creek road map & topographic map for paddleboaters.

Instructions for online interactive topographic river maps & road maps.
Full-Screen River Map - landmarks on Cottonwood Creek.
• Point or DoubleClick on the red markers to see the names of landmarks (A, B, etc.).

Cottonwood Creek Guides, Maps & River Flow Data for White Water Boating.

West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (pg. 189-194)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.
• Online guides & river flow data: Cottonwood Creek Paddlesports Directory.

Cottonwood Creek valley paddleboating reports NEEDED !!

Please send your trip reports from Cottonwood Creek white water paddlesports boating trips. Stories, pictures & videos from boating trips will be linked here.

Outdoor Activities & Environmental Protection & in our River Canyons.

Cottonwood Creek Watershed Directory - Conservation & Recreation. Websites for the Cottonwood Creek Valley. (Display options alphabetical 100. Section 1&2=kayaking-rafting-canoeing-paddlesports, 3=conservation-environment, 4=fishing, 5=camping-hiking, 6=other-websites)

Additional Information on California Rivers & Creeks:
• Nearby streams: Clear Creek, Elder Creek, Sacramento River Valley Region.
Whitewater River Guides for California Kayaking, River-tubing, Canoeing & Rafting Paddlesports, Geographical List - BRT Insights.
Using these whitewater river paddleboating guides - BRT Kayaking.

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Am hoping someone can help me that knows the history of Cottonwood Creek. I have a postcard from July 4, 1911 showing Wagon Bridge at Cottonwood Creek from the town of "Hurah". I can't find anything about this town. Does anyone know the history or where I can learn more?
Email me at:
I suggest that you contact the genealogy specialists at the CAGenWeb Project.
The Shasta County Dept Public Works has informed me that there is no public right-of-way at the Co Rd A16 Platina Road bridge over MF Cottonwood Creek. Please let me know about any legal river access points that would enable floating any section(s) of MF Cottonwood Creek.
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