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Ode to the Club Boater - whitewater river kayaking carnage video by tgerencer1.

I haven't been a big fan of whitewater river boating carnage videos, but this one has a great combination of video, music, lyrics and humor.

Ode to the Club Boater video by tgerencer1 22oct2010. Please make good or bad comments about the humor at YouTube where the video was originally posted.

Once the survival of the victim is assured I'm most interested to use carnage videos or photos as a learning experience for whitewater river boating safety skills. Should the boater have scouted, or portaged or run a different line through the rapid? Did the boater do the right things for self-rescue? Did the boating group do the right things to ensure a safe and efficient assisted rescue if necessary?

Please add comments to let us know your favorite whitewater boating carnage videos and the lessons, if any, that you learned from them.

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I don't know whether to be amused or terrified! :)
At first glance hopefully we can all get a laugh from it. When you think about it a little more, then you start to ask whether the boaters were well trained and using good judgement on the river. Even after good training boaters inevitably make some occasional mistakes and have some unlucky moments when running whitewater. As in any adventure sport, kayakers should understand the risks before going out on the water.
Hey, at least they're out there doing it. Everyone can't be as tight as the people making the film I guess. And, hey again, I know some old greybeards creekers and river runners in Protec helmets that are the real pros and who helped our sport evolve. .....

Hi Dari, I agree that the most important thing is getting out there and doing it. Participation in the sport is all that really matters. I don't know and don't care what level of boating skills the moviemakers have.

I am an old greybeard boater who still happily wears a Protec helmet in my profile picture and on the river whenever I'm able to get out there. Some of us can get a little light-hearted chuckle from the video even though some of the humor is definitely not politically correct. Anybody who has serious issues with the humor in the video should join the ongoing discussion on that topic at YouTube where the video was originally posted.
I am in this video, scouting a Class V rapid that I had never run before... BUT...During another one of my runs on the Upper G (where most of this footage is from) I rescued a 'photo boater' "pro" and his boat from a nasty pour-over... I guess he was lucky that I , 'Mr Club Boater' still had the courage to share this mighty river with him despite my gumbiness. --> halarious. Someday I might be as cool as him....
Friends often photograph each other's adventures & misadventures and post them online. I'm not so sure about the rules & ethics for photographing strangers and posting pictures or videos online without their permission. Contact me and let me know what you are going to do about this.
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