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Videos vs. Photos for Documenting Outdoor Adventure Trips

Capturing Landscape and Action in Movies and Photographs.

After years of ignoring the video capability in my digital camera I have started to appreciate how videos can add to the memories preserved from my hiking, kayaking, biking and other outdoor activities. Videos are especially great when the subject is in motion (kayakers, rivers, waterfalls, etc.). Still photos will always be great for still subjects like mountains, trees, lakes, etc. Panoramic photography can capture a wide view of a scene into a still photo, but panning a video camera across a wide scene can also do a nice job of documenting a wide scene. An additional benefit is that the video camera can adjust the exposure when panning across a wide scene that includes very bright areas and very shady areas. Some digital cameras have a microphone that will capture a soundtrack within the video to add even more to the information captured. The short, low quality video clips that our digital cameras can produce are not as good as a videocam could make. The light weight and convenience of getting both photos and videos from one small gadget are especially helpful when choosing how much weight you want to carry around with you on outdoor trips. The videos from the digital camera in your pocket are always better than the videos that cannot be taken using equipment that you left at home!

Tools for Editing and Posting Personal Movie Videos Online

Video Format Conversions. Video files may need to be converted into various formats to satisfy the requirements of the camera hardware, editing software and online hosting system that you decide to use.
Zamzar - Free online file conversion (e.g. converts .mov or .mp4 to .avi format)

Video Editing. Software and online tools for video editing enable us to cut and splice our videos, and then add titles and soundtracks. Still pictures imported into a video editor can be assembled into slideshow videos.
• Windows Movie Maker (software for PC)
• iMovie (software for Mac)
YouTube Video Editor - AudioSwap songs library - YouTube Help.
Animoto - Video Slideshow Maker with Music (online tool)
Picasa (software for PC/Mac) photos made into slideshow movie.

Video Hosting. To display your videos on the internet upload them to your account at a video hosting service. Video hosts typically provide the html code needed to embed your video in any blog or other website.
YouTube - enables soundtracks to be added from their library of licensed music.
Myspace Video
• videos can also be hosted at many of the photo sharing sites (Picasa, flickr, webshots, etc.)

Making DVD movie discs to play in TVs. DVD data discs and video file formats used in the computer are not suitable for playing in the DVD player that may be attached to your TV. Special software is used to convert the video file and create the DVD disc format needed for viewing on a TV.
DVD Flick (software for PC)
iDVD (software for Mac)

More video information:
Reviews - Books, Videos, Websites & Software - BRT Insights.

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