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Canon PowerShot A490 - digital camera equipment review

The PowerShot A490 Digital Camera is a simple, inexpensive camera that produces good quality pictures suitable for online viewing in websites, blogs, online photo albums, etc. The settings options the camera provides are easy to learn and quick to operate. This enables the camera to take good pictures and video clips over a wide range of conditions. Over the past 6 months I have had success with this camera taking product photos, close-up photos, landscape photos and videos. The AA batteries used in the A490 are less expensive and more widely available than the proprietary batteries that are used in many other cameras. Overall this camera is a good value in the inexpensive price range.

Canon PowerShot A490 digital camera

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For Canon Powershot A490 Pictures it uses slightly old technology to process its images. but they are still rather good and not likely to strike fear into the hearts of proffessional photographers.
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