Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Do you need a blog ??

Blogs provide web templates that enable people to post information on the Internet without knowing any html code for web page design. In addition, the templates are set up so that anybody else can very easily post a comment or reply to any of the information posted on a blog.

Blogs are being used for a wide variety of purposes.


Blog accounts are available from a variety of sources.

Some search engines are specializing at indexing of the "blogosphere"

Now that almost anybody can easily post their thoughts on the Internet it is even more important to critically evaluate what you find on the Internet before deciding what to believe.

  • Who is responsible for the content of a blog or website?

  • What are this person's qualifications?

  • Is this person representing an organization vs. giving a personal opinion?

  • Does the site give references to their sources of information?

  • Do other sites agree or disagree with the information presented?


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