Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Blog Directory of Directories

Here is a list of directories where people can register to gain more publicity for their blogs on the Internet. The list is ranked based on Google PageRank (10=high, 0=low). Getting your blog registered at the higher ranking directories is more valuable to you. High ranking blogs may be more selective, take longer to respond and may be more likely to refuse your application if your blog doesn't have good quantity and quality of content and lots of incoming hyperlinks. My advice is to get your blog registered at some of the lower ranking directories before applying to the high ranking directories.

Updated Oct 29, 2010.

Technorati PR8

Blog Catalog PR7
IceRocket PR7
Globe of Blogs PR7
Blogdigger PR7
Gigablast PR7

BlogoWogo PR6
BlogHop PR6
Eatonweb PR6
We Blog A Lot PR6
Weblogs Yahoo PR6
Blog Flux PR6
truthlaidbear PR6
BlogTopSites PR6 requires code
Outdoors Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Search4Blogs PR5
BlogTree PR5
Syndic8 PR5
Bulletize PR5 requires link
BlogFinds PR5
Blogniscient PR5 via email
Resource Central PR5
Blog Directory Bloghints PR5

juaxoo PR4
Blogsearchengine PR4
Bloggernity PR4
Bloghub PR4
Blog Rankings PR4
Glitter PR4
Team Skaffe PR4
Blogarama PR4
Free web directory Pegasus PR4

yourwebloghere PR3
Blog Search PR3
Blog Universe PR3
canoeingandkayaking.toplisted.net PR3

FreeWD.Org PR3
Thales Directory PR3
Directory Top PR3

Outdoor Directory PR2
DirectoryRecreation.com - The online recreation directory PR2

Directory Find PR0
Outdoor directory PR0

Outdoor Blogger Directory PRN


a) Install the Google toolbar in your web browser to measure the PageRank of all blogs and websites that you visit.

b) Some directories require that your blog contain a hyperlink to the directory in exchange for the directory making a hyperlink to your blog.

c) Some directories require that you place some html code on your blog to help them keep updated whenever you make new posts on your blog.

d) Some directory applications are done via email or blog posting, but most are done via web form.

e) Some directories register your site almost instantly, while others take days, weeks or longer.

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