Thursday, July 27, 2006


Captivated by the Dynamic Power of Whitewater Rivers

Getting back into my old, trusty Frankenstein kayak last Sunday was such a joy. After many years of paddling that boat, now all of my reflexes, expectations and strategies on the river are perfectly calibrated for the Frankenstein. It feels like I am interacting directly with the river because there is never any distracting thought or worry about what the boat will do in any given circumstance. I just instantaneously and automatically know that when the river does X, if I do Y, then I will end up at Z. Of course I don't always end up exactly where I expected, but that is because I don't always read the river perfectly or execute my intended maneuver perfectly. And that's what kayaking is all about! Exploring the river, learning its intricate details, tapping into its relentless power and feeling that dynamic aquatic environment so up-close and personal never fails to delight!!

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