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Rumsey Run, Cache Creek, kayaking July 23, 2006.

It got up to 106 degrees F today in Davis. What more reason do you need to get out of town and what better place to go than someplace cool and wet!! RaoulA, MattA, TaylorC and I kayaked the Cache Creek Rumsey Run (Yolo County, California, USA) at 525 cfs (CDEC flow data). We had a festival of old fashioned, long speedboats with MattA in a Dagger Outburst kayak, TaylorC in a Prijon Rockit kayak, me in my Wave Sport Frankenstein kayak and we didn't even tease RaoulA about being in a short little Dagger RPM kayak.

Knowing that we might need to do some river rescues I was really happy to have my Frankenstein to speed to the scene and have the hull speed to complete the rescues quickly. I was also glad to get some practice with my towing system one time when the swimmer and the boat ended up on opposite sides of the river. Over the course of the day two paddles were lost, but after extensive searches we found one of them. So our final tally of lost gear was not that bad. Among all of our many swims fortunately there were no injuries to any of our boaters, but whenever we stopped we were treated to carnivals of crash and burn antics by the novices in their rafts and IKs.

There were a few nice surfing spots. The big ledge below County Park #2 had a nice surf spot about 15 feet wide on river-right. The big wave below County Park #3 looked really great, but it wasn't sticky enough for any of us to stay on it for more than a micro-second. We found a few other nice spots here and there throughout the day.

We saw an osprey and a king snake, but most of the wild life we saw was the hundreds of novice boaters in rafts and IKs.

We scouted Mother rapid and we all decided to run it. At this flow there were rocks sticking up at various places in the middle and left side of the river, so we all ended up running it on the right from top to bottom. I punched both of the diagonal waves that threatened to push me out into the middle of the river, so I managed to keep on the plan - enter right, stay right, be right, end right!! ...And then eddy out on the left.

Arriving at takeout, I was totally euphoric/exhausted from an awesome day on the river. Between the rapids, the rescues and the surfing I had used it all up and I was really ready to stop. As soon as we got away from the river we started burning up in the 100+ degree heat of the day and then I wished I had just stayed at the river!

Beers at Matt's house at the end of the day never tasted so good.

Flow Data - What It Is Flowing NOW As You Read This

Topographic Map

A=Put-in. B=Takeout.

Full-Screen Topographic Map: Rumsey Run - Acme Mapper.

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I really enjoyed the water. The waves were terrific. Bruce and Raoul thanks for being so patient and helping me. At this point in my kayak career (a 47 yr. old novice), I am thinking if I have the time needed to master the hard shell kayak. I'd like to master the hard shell, but first I have to get the roll down.
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