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Whitewater Kayaking in The Zone - 1

In sports we speak of The Zone as a state in which the athlete "loses self-consciousness and becomes completely immersed in the task at hand. This engenders a state in which performance is very pleasurable and intrinsically gratifying." Being in The Zone "enables the body to function automatically with little conscious effort. In this optimal state, complex tasks appear to be easily accomplished and time can either stand still or rush by as the performer is completely immersed in what they are doing." (reference)

In many of the sports and other activities I've experienced over the years there have been a few brief moments when I was in The Zone (e.g. while playing raquetball, soccer, motorcycling, bicycling, etc.). These times in The Zone have never been very consistent or lasted for very long.

In contrast, whitewater river kayaking consistently puts me in The Zone and keeps me there through the whole trip. I think that the euphoric feeling of being in The Zone is one of the things that keeps me hooked on kayak paddling and always coming back for more!!

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Hello again BRT!
Have you had a look over C. Csikzentmihalyi's works on "Flow"...?
He writes about this concept of the 'zone'and what 'flow' can mean for us in such experiences...
I have experienced this out on the waters, while climbing, hiking, and on longer solo's...
"Summit Stones & Adventure Musings" by DSD at
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