Saturday, August 19, 2006


Basic training classes for whitewater river kayakers

Whitewater river kayak paddling skills classes.

Most people begin kayaking by taking training classes in paddling skills, river running and eskimo roll. These classes are available in the northern California area from:
California Canoe & Kayak.
Current Adventures.
Kayak In Northern California!, Chico, CA.
National Outdoor Leadership School - Water Skills.
North Rim Adventure Sports.
Osprey Outdoors Kayak School.
Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School.
Outdoor Adventures at UC Davis.
River and Rock Adventures.
Sundance River Center.

Ocean surf zone - kayak paddling skills classes.

Point Reyes Outdoors - Surf Zone Fundamentals class.
California Canoe & Kayak - Surf Zone class.
Monterey Bay Kayaks - Surfing in Kayaks class.

More about:
Kayaking Techniques.
Whitewater River Kayaking Directory - BRT Insights.

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