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River canyons are truly sacred places

"Prepare thoroughly.
Go to the sacred places.
Wait. Look. Feel. Then shoot !"

This quote from the famous photographer David Muench was meant for his fellow photographers, but can apply also to whitewater river kayakers.

We must prepare thoroughly (including individual & group skills, gear and fitness) just to go where we go and to do what we do in our whitewater river adventures.

ALL river canyons are truly sacred places. The immense and unrelenting power of this ever changing environment lets us experience the beauty of nature in a direct and personal way.

Look. Feel. Once we have mastered the skills to navigate the river, then we can look and feel the many additional dimensions of the whitewater rivers and experience the magical beauty of our river canyons.

Then shoot. Shoot the rapids!!

  The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is certainly a cathedral among sacred places, both for kayakers and for photographers. BruceT on the Canyon. Photo by JimH.

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Hello BRT,
The canyons are indeed sacred.....
I enjoy your writing and viewpoints very much. Great Blog!
"Summit Stones & Adventure Musings By DSD"
Hello Again BRT,
I'm thinking of posting some of my own river musings soon...
What might be some of your favorite quotes about rivers and the water life.....?
"Summit-Stones" by DSD
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