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River Conservation Organizations - Western USA Region.

If you love rivers, then consider joining one or more of these organizations that are working to protect our rivers !!

Non Government Organizations - NGOs

Colorado River Water Users Association - protecting and safeguarding the interests of all who use the Colorado River.
Columbia Land Trust - working to conserve land and water in the Columbia River region.
Friends of the River - California’s statewide river conservation organization.
Idaho Rivers United - for all who love the freedom, adventure and solitude of Idaho's wild rivers, Idaho Rivers United vigorously defends the priceless heritage of our rivers and fish.
Living Rivers - Colorado Riverkeeper - seeking to revive the natural habitat and spirit of rivers by undoing the extensive damage done by dams, diversions and pollution on the Colorado Plateau.
Pacific Rivers Council - protecting and restoring rivers, their watersheds, and native aquatic species.
Save Our Wild Salmon - promoting salmon recovery in the Columbia and Snake River Basin.
WaterWatch of Oregon - protecting natural flows in Oregon Rivers.

Government Organizations

California Department of Fish & Game.
California Department of Water Resources.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Research / Education

Jeffrey F. Mount - Dept Geology - UC Davis.
UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.

River Outfitters' Conservation Programs

River Conservation Events - W.E.T. River Trips.
River Conservation Programs - WET River Trips.
River Conservation - All-Outdoors.
River Conservation and California Water Politics - All-Outdoors.
Kern River Conservation and News - Sierra South.

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Excellent compilation of resources: I'll be sure to bookmark it. Keep up the good work, hope to see you on the river, DS
I realize your list is not meant to be comprehensive, but another great organization is,

PS. Why the comment moderation? Have you been having problems?
Thanks DS, I'll add Idaho Rivers to the list.

I use comment moderation because people have tried to spam my blog a couple of times. In addition, when I ask somebody to link to my blog I can guarantee that off-topic or inappropriate content will never be permitted on my blog.
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