Tuesday, September 26, 2006


River Conservation Organizations - Watersheds in California.

Thing globally, act locally!! Do you have a favorite river, a special stream in your "backyard," or know of a pretty creek that needs protection? Why not join the organizations that are working to conserve your local rivers?

* American River.com - protecting the river - issues, resources & organizations.

* American River Conservancy - conservation, education, and stewardship programs to * protect and enhance native fisheries, vanishing plant and animal communities, scenic vistas, cultural heritage and recreational lands within the American and Cosumnes River watersheds.

* Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance - protecting and enhancing the ecological integrity and economic vitality of the Big Chico Creek watershed through cooperative efforts.

* Cache Creek Conservancy - dedicated to the restoration of the lower Cache Creek corridor.

* Friends of Butte Creek - advocate for stronger environmental review, protection and enhancements to the watershed.

* Friends of the Lower Calaveras River. Dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of the Lower Calaveras River watershed.

* Friends of the Napa River - dedicated to the restoration, protection and celebration of the Napa River and its watershed.

* Friends of the Eel River - restore the Eel River and all her tributaries to a natural state of abundance, WILD & FREE.

* Friends of Trinity River - working to restore Trinity River fishery and wildlife resources.

* Granite Bay Flycasters.

* Protect American River Canyons - dedicated to the preservation of the wilderness, recreational, cultural, and historical resources of the North and Middle Forks of the American River.

* Restore Hetch Hetchy.

* Revive the San Joaquin.

* Sacramento River Riparian Habitat Program - protect, restore, and enhance both fisheries and riparian habitat.

* Sacramento River Preservation Trust - preserve the natural values of the Sacramento River and to educate the public concerning ecologically viable farming methods and the need to preserve free-flowing rivers.

* Sacramento River Watershed Program - concerned about the health of the Sacramento River and its watershed.

* Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead - restore habitat for fish in this Sacramento River tributary creek.

* South Yuba River Citizens League - committed to the protection, preservation and restoration of the entire Yuba Watershed.

* Tuolumne River Trust - dedicated to promoting the stewardship of the Tuolumne River and its tributaries to ensure a healthy watershed.

* Upper Sacramento River Exchange - public information, community gatherings, and education about our unique Upper Sacramento River watershed.

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