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Sacramento Flood Control 2005

Now that New Orleans has been wiped out Sacramento rises to the top of the list of most flood vulnerable American cities. Kayakers, whitewater boaters, fisherman and others who use our rivers for recreation should pay close attention to flood control issues. Proponents of dam building are always waiting for any chance to build expensive new dams that destroy the environment.

Wake up to flood threat - 06nov2005.
"Is Sacramento really the country's most flood-threatened major city? ... The answer was unequivocal: Sacramento is numero uno."

Tempting fate: Are we next? - 30oct2005.
"There is, however, no major city in America more at risk of a catastrophic New Orleans-style flood than Sacramento."

We must learn from Katrina's hard lessons - 30oct2005.
"We'll examine decisions made to develop in floodplains, ask about maintenance of levees, point out sections in the region that are most prone to flooding. We'll look at potential solutions through a built-up Folsom Dam or a new Auburn dam, and push state and federal legislators as well as environmentalists to answer questions about flood protection that have been unresolved for decades. We have too much at stake here not to ask tough questions before a catastrophe strikes."

More about: River Conservation and Flood Control.

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