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Sacramento Flood Control Sept 2006

(Sacramento CA flood control - 2007 to present - recent insights.)

Maintaining and upgrading of our existing flood control structures is the most rapid and cost-effective method of flood control for California rivers. Everybody should support immediate retrofitting of Folsom Dam to make it more effective in providing the flood control needed for Sacramento. We cannot afford to let the economic and personal devastation experienced on the Gulf Coast to be duplicated during the next big flood in California.

Auburn dam, peripheral canal back on the table for discussion - sacbee.com 18sept2006.
"neither the Auburn dam nor the peripheral canal ever completely faded away -- and both, in fact, are showing signs of revival in an era when global warming, Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans and other factors have changed assumptions about water."

Tempting Fate - Cheaper Folsom Dam fix? - sacbee.com 16june2006.
"A new spillway at Folsom Dam could double Sacramento's flood protection -- and do so up to nine years sooner and $650 million cheaper than previous plans."

Auburn Dam Would Be an “Expensive Mistake - All-Outdoors Blog 27feb2006.
This article points out the errors in statistics that supporters use in their attempts to justify building of Auburn Dam on the American River in California.

Tempting fate: A torrent of doubts - sacbee.com 19feb2006.
"Since Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans, Auburn dam supporters have rallied behind the project anew, suggesting it should be revived to protect Sacramento from a similar disaster. The debate over the dam has always been politically charged, but an analysis by The Bee found an Auburn dam also could be an expensive mistake." This article also has links to many other related articles about flood control and levees in the sidebar.

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