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Support Proposition 1E for Flood Control in California

I support Proposition 1E on the Nov 7, 2006 ballot in California. Restoration of levees in California's Central Valley is critical for flood prevention and protection of the system that delivers fresh water to urban areas and agriculture throughout the state. Maintaining and upgrading our existing flood control structures provides the most rapid and cost-effective flood control and reduces the need to build costly new flood control structures.

Yes on Propositions 1B, 1E; no on 1C, 1D - insidebayarea.
"We need to make a major investment in levees to avert a catastrophe akin to that which swamped New Orleans last year. We recommend a yes vote on 1E."

On Nov. 7, Californians can choose to build for the future - mercurynews 01oct2006.
The Mercury News supports Prop. 1E and Prop. 84.

Prop. 1E: California's one-legged flood control stool - 27sept2006.
This editorial from the Sacramento Bee supports Prop 1E, but also points out its shortcomings.

Yes on 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 84 - Modesto Bee 26sept2006.
The Modesto Bee newspaper supports Prop. 1E and Prop. 84.

Voters being asked to put state into deep debt - Ventura County Star 25sept2006.
The Ventura County Star newspaper opposes the bond issues on the ballot. They prefer a pay-as-you-go system for funding the infrastructure needed in California.

1E yes; 84 no - Press-Enterprise 23sept2006.
The Press-Enterprise newspaper supports Prop. 1E and opposes Prop. 84.

Opinion - Editorial: Bonds for the future - 18sept2006.
The Sacramento Bee newspaper supports Prop. 1E (Flood protection) and Prop. 84 (Water and parks) on the Nov 2006 ballot in California.

Bureau of Reclamation: No levee repair on our dime - 08sept2006.
"The Bureau of Reclamation told a House panel Thursday that it does not want its money paying for levee repairs in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta."

California's levee system is a disaster waiting to happen - continuitycentral 28feb2006.

"California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has requested federal assistance in expediting improvement and repair projects on critical sites in the state’s levee system."

More about: River Conservation and Flood Control.

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