Saturday, January 06, 2007


Road Maps Online

Trip planning resource for boating, hiking, biking, & camping.

These websites provide maps, driving directions, and information about local businesses (gas, food, lodging, etc.). Good coverage of highways, major rivers, cities and towns. Variable coverage of county roads, lesser rivers, creeks and rural areas. If you are not going too far from urban areas, then these maps are pretty good. If your destination is out in the backcountry, possibly boating on a small river or creek, then these maps will definitely need to be supplemented with topo maps for planning of your trip. Nevertheless, these sites are good resources for travelers.

Mapquest | Yahoo Maps | Google Maps | MSN Virtual Earth | SuperPages | Switchboard.
(*** rated - 3 stars out of 5)

Too many of the lesser rivers and larger creeks are missing for a kayaker like me to rate these map sites very highly. In the few areas where I've checked the maps on these sites are similar, maybe identical. If one is any better than another it would have to be based upon minor details of the interface or on coverage of local businesses.

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