Thursday, May 03, 2007


Living in the Moment on the River

Whitewater river trips rejuvenate both mind and body.

A river is a dynamic and ever-changing place. Kayaking down a river reveals a multitude of delightful things to explore, both large and small. Traveling safely down the river requires choosing a good route for one's own boat and watching out for the safety of other boaters in the group. River canyons also provide beautiful scenery, wildlife and geology to appreciate. We are humbled by the power of the river and the immensity of the canyon. We are fascinated by the ways the water flows in the rocky riverbed, by the glimmer of the sunlight on the water and by the wildflowers and wild animals that we see along the way. Mental and physical challenges are waiting everywhere we look in the river canyon, or we can just relax and enjoy the water, sunshine and fresh air. With so many great things all around us it is easy to fully engage our minds and bodies in the here and now on a river trip. Focusing on the present moment while on the river gives us a refreshing break from everyday issues elsewhere in our lives. And hopefully the happy glow lasts into the workweek until its time to start planning the next river trip !!

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Well said...
Just finished some more paddling in nevada and arizona. Had some similiar thoughts while doing so...
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