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Kayaking News Directory

Contact me to submit additional sites for the directory or to update the PR data. (Updated 30june2010)

Kayaking Portals.

Portals provide news and a wide range of other information.
Kayak & Canoe - playak PR5.
Kayak, ww & freestyle - xackers PR4.
Kayaking & Rafting - WetDawg PR4.

Blogs and Forums.

They provide opportunities to participate in discussions.
Whitewater Blog Directory - BRT Insights PR2.
Whiewater Forum Directory - BRT Insights PR2.

Blog Search Engines.

They index the blogosphere and help searchers to find blogs that interest them.
whitewater river kayaking - bloglines PR9. (home page ranks)
whitewater river kayaking - Google Blog Search PR8.
whitewater river kayaking - technorati PR8.
whitewater river kayaking - blogdigger PR7.
whitewater river kayaking - icerocket PR6.
whitewater river kayaking - wikio PR6.

Kayaking Videos.

kayaking OR kayak video search - YouTube PR8. (home page ranks)
whitewater river kayaking: Videos - Technorati PR8.

Search Engine News

Indexes the online sites from the traditional print media outlets.
whitewater river kayaking - Google News PR8. (home page ranks)
whitewater river kayaking - Yahoo News PR6.
whitewater - outdoornewswire PR5.

Kayaking Magazines & ezines

Online sites from the print magazines.
Canoe & Kayak PR6.
Paddler PR5.
Canoe&Kayak UK PR4.
Rapid PR4.
Adventure Kayak PR4.
Canoeroots PR4.
Canoeist PR4.
Kayak Session PR4.
Paddling Life PR4.
Cumec Magazine PR4.
Kayak Magazine PR4.
Paddles PR3.
Paddle Press PR3.
Water Sports Magazine - Canoe Kayak PR3.
Australian White Water PR2.
California Kayaker Magazine. PRN.

PR values (=Google PageRank) provide some data on the ranking of the sites at the dominant search engine on the Internet. Despite their limitations, PR data can be used to help website owners monitor the progress of their online publicity campaigns.

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