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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock 70 SPF - Product Review

Kayakers, canoers & rafters need the maximum possible sun protection

As I get older I'm hearing more and more about friends and relatives going to the doctor for removal of pre-cancerous skin lesions. I don't want to die from skin cancer or stay indoors in fear of the sun, so I'm making double extra sure to use sunscreen whenever I go outside for any significant time during the sunny part of the day.

Boating on rivers, lakes or ocean increases our sun exposure because of extra UV reflecting back up to us from the surface of the water and sunscreen washing off when we get wet. Thus, boaters need to ensure that they are using the very best possible sunscreen and reapplying frequently.

Neutrogena Sunblock 70 SPF - Test Results

My initial impressions of this sunscreen were described in a C to G Run trip report. Further testing on more kayaking trips and some soccer games have confirmed those results. I like the way Neutrogena Sunblock dries to the touch and does not leave a greasy feeling on my skin. I have applied it close around my eyes without any problems with stinging. I haven't yet put this sunscreen to a good test of how waterproof it is. I am doing my best to remember about reapplying at lunchtime during kayak trips. The screw-cap tube closes securely (unlike the rocker-top containers of some other brands). I've been able to put my tube of Neutrogena sunscreen into my lunch drybag, jam it into the back of my kayak and not had any problems with leakage of sunscreen contaminating my food.

(***** - my rating - excellent - 5 stars out of 5). Dermatologists recommend this as #1 and I agree.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen?

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