Thursday, September 06, 2007


Flood Control and Water Policy for California

New developments in the floodplains increase the need for new flood control dams on our rivers!

Legislators Craft Flood Policy Pact - sacbee 06sept2007. California legislators are making progress towards requiring that flood risks and flood control will become part of the planning process before new land developments are approved. Hopefully this will make it less attractive to make foolish "New Orleans-style" developments on flood-prone lands in California and redirect more of our new home and business developments onto higher grounds. Our bankrupt California government cannot even afford to properly maintain our existing levees and other flood control infrastructure. Clearly new developments should be made on higher ground in California where costly flood control structures are not needed. Flood-prone lands are best used for river channels, agriculture, wildlife habitat and recreation.

More about: Flood Control, Water Policy and California River Conservation.

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