Tuesday, October 23, 2007


American River at Auburn has been restored/enhanced

Whitewater kayaking and rafting will soon return to the reopened section.

(Updated 26oct2007.) The former site of the failed Auburn Dam project is being cleaned up and the rescued section of river will be available again for whitewater boating sometime early in 2008. Boaters who run this section while construction is still underway risk being ticketed. This is river run is located within Auburn State Recreation Area which is now managing the recreational uses of the river and the surrounding canyon land. (Placer County / El Dorado County, California, USA)

An artificial class III whitewater rapid has been constructed in the restored section.

It will be interesting to see what develops here. When a new access road is completed nearby this could become a great new park and play site for whitewater boaters.

More about: Dam plans washed out; river stretch restored - sacbee 23oct2007.
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