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Folsom Dam Spillway Funding Authorized by US Congress

Sacramento flood control makes a step forward

Congress has voted to overrride President Bush's veto of the Water Resources Development Act which authorizes many water development projects around the country. Locally it authorizes $106 million for levee maintenance in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and $683 million to add an auxiliary spillway at Folsom Dam for improved flood control in Sacramento California.

Senate hands Bush his first veto override - Los Angeles Times 09nov2007.

Included in bill Folsom spillway - sacbee 07nov2007.

Now that these projects are authorized they get added to a long list of projects that are authorized but not yet funded. Apparently more votes in congress will be needed to provide the funding to finally build these critical flood control projects in the Sacramento and American River floodplains.

I am particularly interested in Sacramento flood prevention issues even though I live nearby in an area that is not very susceptible to flooding. A major flood in Sacramento could devastate the entire economy of California for many years, just as Katrina has devastated the Gulf Coast states. If Sacramento floods before the flood protection upgrades at Folsom Dam and downstream levees are completed I fear that could instantly revive the plans for building more flood control via construction of Auburn Dam. Unfortunately, Auburn Dam also remains on the list of authorized, but not yet funded federal projects. Although there appears no chance for funding the construction of Auburn Dam anytime soon we will need to remain constantly vigilant to prevent it.

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