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The Bombproof Roll and Beyond, 1993 (kayaking skills - book review)

Basic techniques for whitewater river kayak paddlers.

Part I Bracing Techniques and the Eskimo Roll includes both basic and advanced information. Bracing and rolling are critical basic skills that every whitewater river kayaker must learn and then continue perfecting while moving up to intermediate and advanced levels of boating. This nicely illustrated book does a great job of showing the beginning kayaker what needs to be learned and showing the teacher some hints for instruction.

Part II An Introduction to Playboating provides good basic skills information for river running and kayak playboating. This section is somewhat dated because kayak design and playboating techniques have undergone some radical changes since this book was published. Nevertheless, this book teaches the critical foundation skills and strategies that every beginning kayaker must learn. There are good sections on achieving stability, combat rolls, bow-surfing, aerial maneuvers, hole playing, hole escapes, hands paddling and river etiquette.

Although the book is somewhat dated it remains an excellent training resource for the beginning kayakers. After mastering the beginning techniques in this book the aspiring playboater will need to transition to a more modern book to learn the intermediate and advanced playboating techniques that can be done when paddling the newer kayak designs. (**** - my rating 4 stars out of 5)

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