Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Stop the peripheral canal again

California's water supply problems need a better solution to serve the entire state, not just the water-hungry south.

"It's time to act now. The plan to build a new peripheral canal is moving fast. So fast that the Governor and his Southern California allies are looking to place a $6 billion bond to build a new peripheral canal on the ballot as soon as February, 2008." (

"Restore the Delta is a grassroots campaign of residents and organizations committed to restoring the California Delta so that its waters are fishable, swimmable, drinkable, and farmable."

Reviving the peripheral canal is part of the Governor's plan to build more dams in northern California and ship more water to southern California. We need a comprehensive solution that will also protect the needs of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta residents, agriculture and wildlife. Our bankrupt state cannot afford to waste billions of dollars just to serve the south while hurting the northern parts of California. Both of the websites referenced above provide email newsletters for those of us who want to stay informed on these issues.

More about: Water Policy and California River Conservation.
California Delta Directory - Conservation, Recreation & Water Policy. (42 sites).

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