Saturday, January 19, 2008


Klamath River Basin Restoration Proposal Released for Public Review

Negotiations continue on removal of 4 hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River - Siskiyou County California & Klamath County Oregon.

"Representatives of diverse communities in the Klamath Basin, working with federal, state, and county governments, have developed a Proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement to rebuild fisheries, sustain agricultural communities, and resolve other longstanding disputes related to the allocation of water resources." "The Klamath Settlement Group is presently negotiating with PacifiCorp in an effort to reach agreement on the removal of the utility’s four lower dams in the Klamath Basin, referenced as the 'Hydropower Agreement.' Dam removal is a necessary part of the overall restoration effort, and the Hydropower Agreement along with the Proposed Agreement released today has the potential to provide a comprehensive solution for the Basin." (Klamath Restoration Initiative, press release pdf)

This sounds like great progress and I'm hopeful that they can reach their goal of finalizing all of the necessary agreements by February 2008. In the past the agricultural and logging interests have had too much control over our rivers and watersheds. It is great to see a compromise agreement that hopefully will also protect the interests of fishermen, wildlife and the environment. Maybe we are entering a new era of smarter management of our water supplies.

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