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River lovers in California need to fight back against the destruction of our rivers

Whitewater boaters (kayakers, rafters & canoeists) may lose interest in our rivers once they reach the flatlands but we should all pay more attention to the declining health of many of our rivers in California.

Many different fish populations are dropping dramatically towards extinction in many of our California rivers. Even if you are not a fisherman or a fish-eater you should care about this as an indicator of the declining health of our river ecosystems. Once the fish are all killed, then there will be one less reason preventing the developers from damming and draining all of the water from all of the rivers.

Unprecedented Collapse of Central Valley Salmon Is No Surprise - Indybay 19feb2008.

Total fishing ban on salmon weighed - sacbee 29feb2008.

All California taxpayers should be worried. Our no-tax-increases Governor actually wants to raise our taxes to build the Peripheral Canal in the California Delta and many dams in northern California to send more water to special interests in southern California. This Governor who claims to be pro-environment is really working to destroy the river environment by continuing the failed water policies of the 20th century. We can get more water at lower costs by adopting modern technologies of underground water storage, water recycling, and water conservation.

Water Policy Debacle for California 12dec2007.

For more information:
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